The PROTRADE Manifesto

Our mission at PROTRADE is to revolutionize the way the world thinks about sports.   This is what we believe:

1.     The market knows more than the “experts.”

We believe in the power of predictive markets and that it is time for sports fans to have the ability to weigh in with their opinions.  Every day there is near limitless information provided to the sports fan about players and teams.  We created the PROTRADE market to allow fans to buy and sell stocks based on this information and their own insights into the future value of a given player.  With PROTRADE, every at-bat, every football drive, every missed putt, every blocked shot, every trade rumor, every coaching change, every contract hold-out, every draft selection, and every injury report can be factored into the value of players and teams.

2.     Think again.

We, as sports fans, are influenced by what we read in the newspaper, see on television, and hear on the radio.  PROTRADE will reshape the opinions of sports fans by giving them a new and objective way to think about their favorite sports and player performance.

3.     Moneyball was just the beginning.

Billy Beane demonstrated the power of using quantitative analysis to determine the value that he is willing to pay for the contribution a player will make.  We believe that these principles apply to every sport, and the impact will be lasting and profound.

4.     Help us prove it.

Who is the most valuable player in a given position?  What player will help his team the most this coming season?  These are questions that we have been asking since we were kids trading baseball cards.   With the ability of the market to predict future performance, we believe we can help answer these questions.

5.     Take the fantasy out of fantasy sports.

PROTRADE is reality sports – real players trading in real-time reflecting the latest news and performance on the field.  In our view, fantasy sports are not broken.  Millions of people play fantasy sports and love it, including us.  But we are not fantasy sports.  We are a sports stock market.

6.     We believe in the thrill of competition.

Not just for players, but for fans too. Our challenges test the skill of fans in assessing players and predicting future value.  Compete to prove that you are the most knowledgeable sports fan.  Let the best fan win.

7.     Sports are our life.

We genuinely and deeply love sports.  We love following our favorite players and teams, and we live for the adrenalin rush of great games.

8.     It’s not about us, it’s about you.

We realize that our market is entirely dependent on the community of sports fans that are the traders in our market.  Our job is to enable and facilitate the market with integrity and efficiency.  Our promise is to treat each member as a unique and valued contributor to our movement.  We trust sports fans and we will work to earn your trust in us.
PROTRADE.  There’s more to the game.