Product Coaching

At SVPG we believe product coaching is an essential element to creating strong product organizations.  

Ideally, every manager of product managers, product designers and engineers understands that coaching is their primary and most important responsibility.  However, in many cases, these managers are learning on the job, along with their employees.  In this case, a product coach can be an effective alternative.

Moreover, many organizations are working to transform to empowered product teams, which requires some significant work from the product leaders, including a compelling product vision, a strong product strategy, and a well-designed team topology.  For those product leaders that have never done this before, a product leadership coach can help them through the creation of these critical deliverables.

Every SVPG partner is a product coach.  However, because we are a small partnership, our coaching is largely limited to the companies we advise and have engagements with.  Yet there are many more companies that reach out to us for coaching than we can possibly help ourselves.

Therefore, we have developed a network of product coaches that we know personally, and believe are effective coaches.  These coaches do not work for SVPG, and we have no financial relationship with any of them.  We simply refer them to others because we think they are good.  

If you would like some names of potential coaches, just send us a note with your primary location, and the type of product coaching you are looking for.

If you’re not sure what to look for when seeking a product coach, this article can help you get a better idea of the types of product coaches, and what to look for in a product coach.