Speaking Engagements

The SVPG partners are available for a variety of speaking engagements, both virtual and in-person. The typical format is a 45 minute presentation followed by 15-30 minutes of Q&A.

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Fireside Chat

An informal discussion and Q&A on the topics most relevant to your organization.

Moving to the Product Operating Model

With more new competitors than ever, with more new disruptive technologies than ever, and with continually increasing expectations from customers, most companies today know they need to learn to work like the best tech-powered companies.  But what does that really mean? Following some specific process?  Moving to Agile?  Implementing OKR’s? Embracing Lean Startup techniques?  In this talk we’ll start by defining what the product operating model is, and what’s involved in moving to this model, and most importantly, what can a company do once they’ve moved to this model, that they cound never have done before?  Articles related to this topic: Transformation Defined, Changing How You Build, Changing How You Solve Problems, Changing How You Decide Which Problems to Solve

Keys to Successful Transformation

Outlines the necessary prerequisites to successfully transform from feature teams to empowered product teams.   More information related to this topic: Keys to Successful Transformation

The Nature of Product

Highlights the most common misconceptions about tech-powered products.  More information related to this topic: The Nature of Product

The Foundation of Product

Describes the core of what is required for a strong product team to be able to consistently innovate.  More information related to this topic: The Foundation of Product

Feature Teams vs Product Teams

Focused on why empowered product teams are more effective and innovative than feature teams.  More information related to this topic: Product vs. Feature Teams

Product Discovery Overview

Provides an overview of product discovery, the core competency of empowered product teams.  Articles related to this topic: The Origin of Product Discovery, The Four Big Risks, Discovery Problems vs Solutions

Product Leadership is Hard

Focused on the necessary role of product leadership (managers of product, design, engineering) in an empowered product team company.  More information related to this topic: Product Leadership Is Hard

Product Coaching

Designed for those that are there to help their company through the transformation journey.  More information related to this topic: Types of Product Coaching

Myths of Product and Their Go-to-Market Truths

Covers what is most essential to do well when bringing a product to market and how to get the key fundamentals of product marketing right. Told through product stories and how go-to-market shaped them.

Rethink a Product's Marketing

Outlines the four foundational fundamentals of product marketing and how product, marketing, and sales can collaborate better to improve go-to-market success.

If you would like to request more information on pricing and booking an SVPG partner for a keynote address, please email info@svpg.com and include your organization, preferred dates, virtual or in-person preference, and intended audience.