Transformation Engagements

Transformation Overview

One of SVPG’s most popular services is a private engagement to help companies in their transformation journey to the product operating model – whether they are new to working this way, or looking to reinforce and strengthen the practices within their organization.

What is the product operating model?

At SVPG, we were created to share the practices of the top technology-powered product companies.  While there are differences at each of these top companies, they share common competencies, concepts, and most importantly, principles, and these are referred to as the product operating model.  Learn more here.

What does it really mean to transform to the product model?

Moving to the product model usually means changing more than you might imagine.  The transformation journey starts with understanding what it really means to transform.  Learn more here.

Why is transformation so hard?

The benefits of successful transformation are well known, but it’s also well known that it is not easy to make the necessary changes.  Why is it so hard?  Learn why here.

Can you show us examples of companies, like ours, that have succeeded in transforming?

We are publishing a book that includes detailed case studies of several companies that have successfully transformed, none of which were born in the product model.  Learn more here.

What is different about working with SVPG?

Our partners have each personally led large companies through the process of transformation to a successful outcome.  We believe that this first-hand experience is absolutely critical to your success.

What would an SVPG transformation engagement look like?

Since every company is different – different size, different cultures, different stages, different types of products – the best answer to this question is to discuss your specific situation with one of the SVPG Partners. 

That said, most of our transformation engagements involve executive briefings, stakeholder briefings, organization assessments, transformation planning, and training and coaching of product teams and product leaders.

What if we’re not sure we are ready for a transformation? Is there an easy way to take the first step?

For many companies, they like to start with an organizational assessment, and/or an executive briefing. This is easy to do, does not cost much in terms of time or money, and then lets the company’s leadership team decide what specifically they wish to pursue, and how they would like to approach the transformation.

How do we get our executives on board?

This is why it’s so important to hold executive briefings so that the executives know what to expect, and how they can help.  But we’ve found it’s also important that this executive briefing be delivered by someone that has the necessary credibility with the senior executive team.

How do we explain the product model to everyone involved and impacted?

Transformation to the product model involves significant changes across the company, not just to product and technology, but to finance, HR, marketing, business unit management, and more.  So it’s important to share the rationale for the product model, as well as provide several examples of companies that have successfully transformed, and the lessons learned.

How do you determine where we are on our transformation journey, and what is still necessary for us to address?

We start our transformation work with an organizational assessment. This involves interviews with people at every level, from CEO/GM to individual contributor product managers, designers and engineers.  This assessment helps us understand what areas are already strong, and which areas need attention.

How do we transform when our leaders have never worked this way before?

We provide executive briefings, workshops, training and books to help rapidly bring people up to speed, but beyond what we do personally, there are several additional options for ongoing help with your transformation effort.  SVPG has a global network of transformation coaches, product leadership coaches and product discovery coaches that we recommend – we have no financial relationships with any of them – but we have worked with them in the past and can vouch for their knowledge and skills.  

When is the right time to get help in our transformation?

There is always this question of whether it is better to build the necessary organization first, and then show them a new way of operating, or to show your current organization the new way of operating, and then teach and coach your people, and recruit where necessary. Either can work, but the sooner your leaders understand what is truly ahead of them, and what the destination looks like, the sooner you can start coaching your people to success.

I would like to discuss our specific situation with an SVPG Partner.  How can I do that?

Schedule a conversation with an SVPG Partner to discuss your specific needs