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Product Management Marty Cagan

Product Management – Start Here

There has never been more interest in becoming a product manager.  There has also never been so many strong and helpful voices that can help these aspiring product managers (at the end of this article I’ll share several of my favorites). However, there has also never been so much noise and nonsense written about product...


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Product Operating Model Marty Cagan

Who Is Product Operating Model For?

One very common question we hear is: “We’re not a tech company, so is the product operating model even relevant for us?” This is a very widespread confusion, and it’s putting countless companies at risk of disruption, so I’m hoping to do what I can to try to clarify this. When our industry refers to...


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Product Culture Jon Moore

SVPG Product Therapy – Episode #5

In this episode, Christian Idiodi and Jon Moore, discuss the importance of ethics in product culture, why good ethics is good business and who owns ethics in a company. Hear real stories about complex ethical scenarios and practical advice for navigating these challenges in the workplace.


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Berlin - Nov 11-Nov 11 (9am - 5:30pm CET) / SVPG Partner - Marty Cagan


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Chicago - Nov 15-Nov 15 (9am - 5:30pm CT) / SVPG Partner - Marty Cagan


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