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Product Jon Moore

The Transformation Series

SVPG partner Jonathon Moore is working on the next book in the SVPG series called TRANSFORMED: Becoming a Product-Driven Company.  It addresses the very difficult but critical topic of how a company can transform from the rest to the best. As you may know, we often test out ideas and topics by publishing articles, and...


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Product Management Marty Cagan

The Coaching Series

As many of you know, most articles I write begin their life as a hope-to-be chapter in a future book.  I use the blogging format, combined with the product community, to test out my thoughts on specific topics. The feedback helps me to know which topics actually provide real value, where my explanations are not...


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Product Management Marty Cagan

The Nature of Product

Marty Cagan joins Lenny Rachitsky for a video podcast to share how to structure your teams for innovation, how to improve your product culture, which trends in product managment to ignore, and much more.


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Upcoming Public Workshops

INSPIRED: Product Manager Workshop – UK/US – Waitlist Only

Online - Oct 17-20 (3pm-6:30pm BST, 10am-1:30pm EDT - 4 days, 3.5 hrs) / SVPG Partner - Jon Moore

INSPIRED: Product Manager Workshop – US/APAC

Online - Nov 14-16 (10:30am-3:00pm PST - 3 days, 4.5 hours) / SVPG Partner - Chris Jones

INSPIRED+EMPOWERED: In-person Workshop – Melbourne, AU – Waitlist only

Melbourne, AU - Jan 31-2 (9am-5:30pm AEDT) / SVPG Partner - Marty Cagan


INSPIRED: Product Management Workshop

Intended for product managers who want to learn essential product best practices. Topics focus on working in empowered product teams and product discovery.

public workshop

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EMPOWERED: Product Leadership Workshop

Intended for product, engineering, and design leaders and managers responsible for creating product organizations with empowered product teams. Topics focus on coaching, product vision, team topology, product strategy, and team objectives.

public workshop

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LOVED: Product Marketing Workshop

Intended for leaders and practitioners in product or marketing who want to learn best practices in product marketing, go-to-market strategy, messaging and agile marketing.

public workshop

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Private Workshops

Intended for companies serious about transforming how they do product development. Private engagements combine INSPIRED and EMPOWERED into an interactive workshop customized for your product organization.

private workshop

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We are industry veterans who have each held executive level positions at major Silicon Valley companies where we have been instrumental in the development of leading products. We know how great products are built. And we can help you build them, too.

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