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The Transformation Series

We are working on the next book in the SVPG series called TRANSFORMED.  It addresses the very difficult but critical topic of how a company can transform from the rest to the best.

As you may know, we often test out ideas and topics by publishing articles, and those topics that prove useful make their way into our books.

This page is meant to list the various transformation-related articles we’ve published.  We will continue to update this page as we publish additional articles.

Transformation Fundamentals:

Transformation Defined: What does transformation really mean?  What can a company that has transformed do now, that they could not do before?

Changing How You Build: What is meant exactly by changing how you build?

Changing How You Solve Problems: What is meant exactly by changing how you solve problems?

Changing How You Decide Which Problems To Solve:  What is the role of product strategy and product leadership?

Product Operating Model Overview:

Product Model Competencies: The four critical product model competencies.

Product Model Concepts: The five core product model concepts.

Transformation Strategies:

Transformation in Action: What does a product organization look like that has successfully transformed?

Keys to Successful Transformation: What are the keys to a successful transformation?  

Meaningful Transformation: How do we get started on our transformation journey?

Working With Key Constituencies:

Pledge To Customers: How does a company’s interactions with customers need to change when moving from sales-drive feature teams to empowered product teams?

Pledge To Stakeholders: How does the product organization interact with key stakeholders in the product model?

Pledge To Executives: How does the product organization interact with executives in the product model?

Transformation Assistance:

Types of Product Coaches: What are the different types of coaches that can help us on our transformation journey?

Transformation Pitfalls:

Scaling With Process vs People: The problem with attempting to scale and transform with process instead of people.

Process People: Be careful of the disease of process people.

Books to Help Inspire An Organization To Transform:

Products and People: Build by Tony Fadell

Lead with Context not Control: No Rules Rules by Reed Hastings

Learning More:

If there are specific transformation topics you’d like to see addressed, or comments or feedback on any of the articles listed above, please feel free to send along your thoughts to Marty.