“So many insights and valuable lessons – loved the case studies to really bring things to life.” – Georgia G.

In INSPIRED, we share the best practices and techniques used by the top product teams operating in the product model.

Next, in EMPOWERED we shared the best practices and techniques used by the top product leaders to provide their teams with the kind of environment they need to thrive in the product model.

Yet, the most common question after reading INSPIRED and EMPOWERED has been: “Yes, we want to work this way, but the way we work today is so different, and so deeply ingrained, is it even possible for a company like ours to transform to the product model?”

The TRANSFORMED workshop and upcoming book were created to bridge the gap between where most companies are right now and where they need to be.

The leaders of these companies know they must transform to compete in an era of rapidly changing enabling technology, but most of them have never operated this way before.

The TRANSFORMED workshop has three big goals:

  • First, we will educate you with a deep understanding of the product operating model, and what it means to work that way.
  • Second, we will try to convince you with detailed case studies of successful transformations, that while difficult, it is absolutely possible for you to transform your company to the product operating model.
  • Third, we will inspire you with truly impressive case studies of product innovation, showing what you too will be capable of doing once you successfully transform.

TRANSFORMED is for those driving change, including the senior company leaders—starting with the CEO—as well as the senior executives and stakeholders who need to collaborate with the product teams, the product leaders, the members of the product teams, and all those who either support or depend on these product teams.

Upcoming Public Workshops

TRANSFORMED  is currently available in a 1 day or, for select workshops, a 3 day format:

If you are a company executive or product leader that wants to learn about what it means to transform your company to the product operating model, then just TRANSFORMED DAY 1 would be right for you. Just be aware that while we describe each of the critical product model competencies and concepts, and discuss several real examples of successful transformation, we do not go into detail on how to actually implement these concepts in your company. That is what is covered in the following two days or in our INSPIRED and EMPOWERED workshops and books.

If you are a product person – either a product leader, product manager, product designer, product engineer, or product ops – and you want to not just learn about transformation, but you also need to learn about the details of implementing strong product teams, product vision, product strategy, and product discovery, then you should attend the full TRANSFORMED 3 DAY session.


TRANSFORMED DAY 1 is for anyone that wants to learn about the product operating model. This includes product people, company executives, and company stakeholders.

The purpose of DAY 1 is to provide a comprehensive look at what’s involved in a transformation to the product operating model. Here are the specific questions we’ll be covering:

  • what is the product operating model, and what does it really mean to transform?
  • can you provide several examples of successful transformation, from companies like ours?
  • what can a company do once they’ve transformed that they couldn’t do before?
  • what are the new product model competencies that we will need?
  • what are the new product model concepts that we will need to learn?
  • how do we assess our organization and create a plan to transform?
  • what are the tools and techniques for adopting and managing the required changes?
  • what objections should we expect, and how are they best addressed?
  • are there people that can help us through this transformation?

The day is designed around several detailed case studies. The transformation case studies are intended to show you what is required to transform, and that it is indeed possible to successfully move to the product model, and the innovation case studies are intended to show you what a company that has transformed is now capable of.

TRANSFORMED DAY 2 and DAY 3 (available for select workshops):

TRANSFORMED DAY 2 and DAY 3 are aimed at product people: product leaders, product managers, product designers, product engineers, and product ops.

The focus of TRANSFORMED DAY 2 is the strategic context. We double-click on product vision, team topology, product strategy and team objectives, and provide case studies of the strategic context in action.

The focus of TRANSFORMED DAY 3 is product discovery. We double-click on the principles and techniques of effective product discovery. We’ll discuss how empowered product teams determine what they need to build in order to deliver business results. We’ll discuss the techniques that product teams use to discover and deliver disruptive products, including how to tackle the major risks of value, usability, feasibility and viability, and how to use both qualitative and quantitative methods to address those risks.

Please contact info@svpg.com for more information.

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