Our private workshops are intended for companies that are serious about transforming how they do product development. Most often, this means moving from feature teams to empowered product teams. 

They are tailored to the specific needs of your organization and are intended for the key product roles – especially product managers, product designers, tech leads, and key supporting roles like data analysts, user researcher, product marketing managers, and product operations. 

Because transformation requires changes at all levels, the private workshops cover best practices that span individual contributors, managers, and leaders.

We were able to make a massive breakthrough in the product excellence journey. It JUST worked. Things clicked. The teams re-engaged and re-energized. We’re sitting on the launchpad of the most impactful work we have ever done. “

Marko D

Every SVPG workshop is taught exclusively by one of our experienced partners.

The typical engagement consists of a week with your team and includes our two main product workshops, INSPIRED and EMPOWERED together with a product organization assessment.

INSPIRED is intended for all key product roles in your organization, regardless of level. It covers what it means to have product teams that are capable of solving hard problems in ways that your customers love, but also work for your business. Topics include

  • empowered cross-functional teams
  • the roles within these teams
  • outcome accountability
  • product discovery.

EMPOWERED is intended primarily for leaders and managers. It focuses on what it takes to create a product organization consisting of empowered teams. We cover

  • staffing and coaching
  • product vision
  • team topology
  • product strategy
  • team objectives
  • transformation principles

The Product Organization Assessment evaluates the way your overall product organization works now. It’s informed by a series of interviews with key cross-functional leaders and individual contributors in your organization and delivered as a writeup of key findings from the assessment and workshops at the end of the engagement.

Private engagements are offered online or in-person with your teams.


  • The online version takes place over 5 half-days (4-5 hours/day), with INSPIRED in the first 3 half-days and EMPOWERED in the last two half-days.
  • The in-person version takes place over 3 full-days – the first 2 days are INSPIRED and the third day is EMPOWERED.
  • Standard private workshops include up to 75 INSPIRED attendees and up to 50 EMPOWERED attendees per session.

Email info@svpg.com for more information about a private engagement for your product organization and for pricing.

Please note that, due to demand, our private engagements are currently booked several months in advance.

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Intended for companies serious about transforming how they do product development. Private engagements combine INSPIRED and EMPOWERED into an interactive workshop customized for your product organization.

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