“I’d recommend every product, engineering, and design leader at my company attend your workshop.” – Patrick D.

This workshop is intended for the leaders and aspiring leaders of technology-powered product organizations. This includes managers and leaders of product management, product design, and engineering.

It covers what it takes to move to truly empowered product teams, starting with the skills and responsibilities of leaders, assembling the necessary team, and establishing the proper strategic context that allows these teams to innovate and execute.

“Leadership is about recognizing that there is greatness in everyone, and your job is to create an environment where that greatness can emerge.”

Bill Campbell

Upcoming Public Workshops

EMPOWERED is aimed at product leaders and aspiring product leaders.  We’ll discuss how to provide the environment necessary to enable and empower your product teams including:

  • coaching and staffing
  • creating a compelling product vision
  • developing an effective team topology
  • building an intentional product strategy
  • how to assign problems-to-solve to product teams

Note that this is not an introductory session and builds on the topics discussed in the INSPIRED workshop.


Please contact info@svpg.com with any questions.

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