This workshop is intended for the leaders and aspiring leaders of technology-powered product organizations. This includes managers and leaders of product management, product design, and engineering.

It covers what it takes to move to truly empowered product teams, starting with the skills and responsibilities of leaders, assembling the necessary team, and establishing the proper strategic context that allows these teams to innovate and execute.

Note that this is not an introductory course. Attendees are expected to have read the books INSPIRED and EMPOWERED.

“Leadership is about recognizing that there is greatness in everyone, and your job is to create an environment where that greatness can emerge.”

Bill Campbell

Upcoming Public Workshops

EMPOWERED: Product Leadership Workshop

Online - Jul 11-14 (9am-1130am PDT) / SVPG Partner - Marty Cagan

  • The importance and techniques of coaching at every level of the organization
  • How to staff empowered teams
  • Setting a product vision that establishes a north star for your teams
  • Tradeoffs and techniques for setting and updating the topology of teams in your organization
  • Understanding how to create an effective product strategy
  • Creating team objectives and assigning them to teams
  • Principles of effective digital transformation

Every SVPG workshop is taught exclusively by one of our experienced partners.

The workshop uses relevant case studies, examples, patterns, and anti-patterns to bring the concepts to life and serve as a launch pad for deeper questions and discussion. Small group breakouts happen throughout the workshop, as well as optional office hours with the SVPG partner.

  • Four (4) consecutive days of 2 hour sessions via Zoom.
  • Optional 30 minutes of office hours after each session.

We typically run at least two EMPOWERED workshops per quarter and schedule sessions across a variety of timezones to accommodate as many geographies as possible.

  • $2495 for a single attendee
  • $2395 for each multi-ticket attendee

For workshops taught by our UK partner, pricing will appear in GBP.

You can cancel for any reason up to 7 days prior to the event for a full refund. Tickets may be transferred to another attendee at any time before the start of the workshop.

Please contact with any questions.

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