1. First and foremost, we are not professional consultants or academics; we are all proven Silicon Valley senior executives, recognized leaders and practitioners in our fields; we have each been there and done that with the leading companies in our industry. We share openly the lessons from our successes and failures.

2. We know how to create industry-defining products and we are committed to helping others in their quest to create innovative products that their customers love.

3. We believe that there is a very big difference between how the best companies create products and how most companies create products, and we are dedicated to actively evangelizing the practices of the best.

4. We measure success by every company we work with coming away feeling inspired, empowered, energized and well-equipped to meet the challenges you face. We also want you to feel like you have found a trusted friend and advisor, that truly cares about your career and your company’s success.

5. We are deeply immersed in Silicon Valley and believe that high-tech companies are fundamentally different from others. We carry the practices and techniques of leading Silicon Valley companies to tech companies in all corners of the globe, and we focus exclusively on the product organizations of tech companies.

6. We have each enjoyed the success that comes from being a part of very successful companies, and we believe it is important that we give back to our community and our industry and share openly and generously through our writing, teaching, coaching and personal relationships with clients.

7. When we engage with your company, we are not trying to convince you to let us do the work for you, and we don’t pass you off to someone less experienced either; rather we work directly and personally with your team to teach, advise and coach your team to current and future success.

8. We all have a holistic, unified view of product creation. Our perspective spans product strategy, product management, product design, product development process, product architecture and engineering, and product marketing. We each understand the value and role of each others' areas, and we each work to ensure that all parts of the product organization are working together effectively. Further, access to any one of us provides access to all of us, as we consult with each other regularly, in order to provide the benefits of a one-stop shop for product organizations.

9. We engage with all levels of the company, from the CEO to the people on the front lines. Further, we believe this is essential to both understanding the dynamics of your company, and affecting the necessary change.

10. Finally, we are all about substance. Our advice must always be relevant, actionable and effective; never generic or superficial. In all cases we expect immediate results, and we work to make a real and positive impact on your company and your products.