Product Management Marty Cagan

The Coaching Series

As many of you know, most articles I write begin their life as a hope-to-be chapter in a future book.  I use the blogging format, combined with the product community, to test out my thoughts on specific topics.

The feedback helps me to know which topics actually provide real value, where my explanations are not clear, where I should have anticipated questions, where my arguments are not strong enough, and where I should reconsider my opinions.

For the past several months I have been specifically focusing on the role of the manager in developing her product managers through active coaching.  

I have been very grateful for how many of you have shared with me that you found these articles useful.  I especially love hearing how many of your organizations are using the articles as discussion topics in weekly product meetings.

A few of you have asked me to share an index of the set of articles, which I’ve included below. 

I also wanted to specifically ask if there are other topics related to coaching that you would like to see me write about, and if so I’m hoping you’ll let me know.

Some topics that have already been requested, such as on recruiting and onboarding new product managers, are already written but included under an upcoming series on staffing.

I have several additional series of articles that I’ve written and will be publishing in the coming months, but they’re on adjacent topics such as product strategy and team objectives.

Thank you again for your continuing support and feedback.