How to Rethink Product Marketing

What determines the difference between a strong product’s success or failure? This product marketing workshop sets the stage for the most foundational work required to market a winning tech product — product marketing.

This workshop is for leaders or practitioners in product or marketing who want to learn best practices in product marketing, go-to-market strategy, messaging and agile marketing. It brings to life the key concepts taught in the book LOVED: How to Rethink Marketing for Tech Products. 

“What you want most from marketing – a bigger pipeline, a loved brand – isn’t just about doing more marketing, it’s about doing better product marketing.”

Martina Lauchengco, SVPG Partner and author of LOVED

Upcoming Product Marketing Workshops

LOVED: Product Marketing Workshop

Online - Apr 2-Apr 4 (9am-12pm PDT) / SVPG Partner - Martina Lauchengco


We will cover in-depth examples and product marketing best practices using exercises that let attendees practice the key concepts themselves including:

  • The Product Marketing Role. The four fundamentals of product marketing. Best practices for how to interface between product, marketing and sales.

  • Product’s Go-to-Market Strategy. What this looks like when done well and the introduction of the one-sheet PGTM canvas as a tool to drive alignment across product and GTM teams.

  • Shaping Perception and Messaging. How to make messaging more authentic and customer-centric, and its role in a product’s positioning. The one-sheet messaging canvas tool is introduced.

  • Agile Marketing. How to use a release scale, run agile marketing, measure marketing, and learn from best-in-class examples of others.

LOVED is taught by Martina Lauchengco, author of LOVED: How to Rethink Marketing for Tech Products.

This is a dynamic, interactive product marketing workshop where you engage with peers on the fundamentals of product marketing and put the one-sheet canvas frameworks taught in the workshop and the book LOVED to work.

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