How to Create Tech Products Customers Love

“I loved every minute of this incredible opportunity to learn from the very best. Thank you for your generosity, insights and candor.” Chelsea H.

Our flagship workshop covers essential best practices for product roles and people, empowered product teams, product discovery, and much more. It’s designed for all experience and management levels of the key product roles – especially product managers, product designers, and engineering tech leads.

This online product management workshop is intended for people that are serious about becoming exceptional at their job, and for companies that are prepared to significantly change how they do product development. Our goal is to provide the single best learning opportunity in the world for product people building tech-enabled products.

“Winning products come from the deep understanding of the user’s needs combined with an equally deep understanding of what’s just now possible.”

Marty Cagan, SVPG Founding Partner

Upcoming Product Management Workshops

These sessions are aimed at product managers, product designers, tech leads, and product leaders, discussing the principles and dynamics of strong product teams and effective product discovery. 

We’ll discuss:

  • how empowered product teams determine what they need to build in order to deliver business results
  • the modern product team roles
  • the techniques that product teams use to discover and deliver disruptive products
  • how to tackle the major risks of value, usability, feasibility and viability
  • how we use both qualitative and quantitative methods to address those risks

Every SVPG workshop is taught exclusively by one of our experienced partners.

The product management workshop uses relevant case studies, examples, patterns, and anti-patterns to bring the concepts to life and serve as a launch pad for deeper questions and discussion. Small group breakouts happen throughout the workshop, as well as optional office hours with the SVPG partner.

Please contact with any questions.