Coach the Coaches

“I look at all the people who’ve worked for me or who I’ve helped in some way and I count up how many are great leaders now. That’s how I measure success.” — Bill Campbell

Many of us at SVPG have been fortunate to have been mentored in our careers by truly exceptional coaches—people who cared about our careers and had a deep understanding of the nature of product development. Someone that understood that it’s not about following some process, but rather about doing the daily work of discovery and delivery. Someone truly dedicated to helping us reach our potential.

We are looking for those people. But not to hire. Just to help them help others.

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Introducing Marty Cagan’s Coach the Coaches Sessions

One of the most common requests we receive at SVPG is for ongoing product leadership and discovery coaching. SVPG is a small partnership, and we have very limited supply compared to the high demand for these services.

Starting in 2022, Marty Cagan is offering opportunities for product and discovery coaches and trainers to participate in intensive, immersive Coach the Coaches workshops focused on the principles, techniques and mindset of the most innovative product people and companies.

We are hosting our first Coach the Coaches session 
in London in May 2022 for experienced product leadership and discovery coaches in that region. We hope to help enable attendees to provide coaching 
and training of the caliber necessary to create truly strong product teams and companies and to expand 
the set of people we consider qualified for us to refer companies to.

The application process for our London session is closed and attendees have been selected.

Going forward

We hope to offer similar sessions in different regions around the world. These Coach the Coaches session will be intended for:

  • Independent coaches, or those working at small consultancies, with experience in product management, product design, engineering, and/or product leadership, committed to helping others to reach their potential, and create world-class tech-powered products. We hope to have as many of these spaces be scholarship positions as possible.
  • In-house/corporate trainers, ideally whose companies have gone through our private INSPIRED and EMPOWERED workshops, that are providing onboarding and ongoing training on product best practices within their organization. We will be charging these in-house trainers.

Announcements on additional Coach the Coaches sessions and the application process will be posted on this website and in the SVPG newsletter following our May session.

Speaking Engagements

The SVPG partners are available for a variety of speaking engagements, both virtual and in-person. The typical format is a 45 minute presentation followed by 15-30 minutes of Q&A.

Group Coaching

This service offering is in the exploratory phase. Please refer to the service details below and contact us if you are interested in learning more if it becomes available.