Dec 12-13, 2013 -- Santa Clara, CA

Many people can identify a terrific user interface design when they see it. We are all customer and users, and we interact with products all the time, so it is easy to think therefore that anyone can also create a good design. But designing a product from a “blank sheet of paper” or trying to address a problematic design is a serious challenge, and requires very specific skills and techniques. A great user interface appears effortless, almost invisible, and allows the product functionality to shine through.  The Essential Lessons in UX Design Workshop helps  UX designers looking for a more structured approach and for ways to improve their skills. It is frequently attended by product managers, visual designers, usability researchers, lead engineers, and executives.

When and where is this workshop?

9am - 5pm, Thurs Dec 12 - Fri Dec 13, 2013.  

Network Meeting Center

5201 Great America Parkway,

Santa Clara, CA 95054

How much does this cost?

$1600 per person.  Save $100 each when you sign up 2 or more people.

Who will be teaching the workshop?

The workshop will be taught by Kyrie Robinson, UX Partner in the Silicon Valley Product Group.  Before joining SVPG, Kyrie was the VP of UX at Rearden Commerce, led the UX efforts at Shutterfly, and built and directed the original UX team at TiVo.  As a partner at SVPG, Kyrie helps companies who are at a tipping point and need to make UX a core competency.  She's worked with both consumer and enterprise companies, including Kno, Chegg, Leapfrog, MobileIron, WebFiling, Gilt,, eBay,,and Zinio.

How many people are in the workshop?

The size is limited to 30 people. This allows everyone to get personal attention, ask questions, and discuss how the tools and lessons apply to your particular product.

What will I learn?

Participants will leave the workshop with a deeper understanding of what separates a mediocre design from a great design, and how to achieve designs that customers love. Specifically, participants will learn:

• The role and responsibilities of great UX designers.
• How to create design principles specific to your company or product that serve as your “moral compass.”
• How to analyze the users tasks and needs and keep your designs focused.
• How to work effectively with other team members: product managers, engineers, visual designers, researchers, and the executive team.
• Effective techniques and processes for approaching the design in a structured way. We will discuss site maps, workflow diagrams, wireframes, prototypes, and product specifications. When are these techniques appropriate, how are they different, and how do you execute them effectively?
• When to enforce consistency, and when not to.
• How to bring personas in to the organization in a lightweight, effective way
• How to be discerning in evaluating potential designs.
• Subtle design mistakes and how to identify avoid them.

The UX Design Workshop includes hands-on exercises in site mapping, workflow diagrams, creating wireframes, developing personas, evaluating a current product or proposed design.

How do I sign up?

Eventbrite - SVPG UX Design Workshop -  "Essential Lessons in UX Design"