The following resources are listed here to help the product community locate useful tools and services.


Agile/Scrum Product Process Diagram
Conventional Product Process Diagram
User Experience Design Process


Examples relating to key best practices in product management.





One-Sheet Marketing Plan Template


Recommended Reading

The book “Inspired: How To Create Products Customers Love” is now available on Amazon in both hardback and digital download form.

The Hard Thing About Hard Things - Ben Horowitz

How Google Works - Eric Schmidt and Jonathan Rosenberg

Startup Lessons Learned — Eric Ries

Ben Horowitz

Steve Blank

Fred Wilson - MBA Mondays

All About Product Management – Derek Morrison

The Good Experience Newsletter — Mark Hurst

Good Product Manager – Jeff Lash

Software Product Manager – Gopal Shenoy

The Inmates are Running the Asylum — Alan Cooper

Joel on Software — Joel Spolsky

Made to Stick – Chip Heath & Dan Heath

Pmarca Blog – Marc Andreessen

UIETips — Jared Spool

Startup Office Space - The Office Of Silicon Valley




 Prototyping Tools & Workgroup Applications

Validately - discovery / validation service -
Balsamiq — prototyping tool —
Axure — prototyping tool —
ProtoShare — prototyping tool —
DreamWeaver — prototyping tool —
Basecamp — workgroup tool —